New 2020 Travels Afoot

Hello beloved God reflections!

Joel and I have two trips going on this year!

Here’s the first.

Joel and I will be leading a BSSM missions trip to El Salvador through Bethel Church!

We are simply one of eighty BSSM mission trips that will be happening that same spring break going to a total of fifty-seven different countries this year.

Our team will have 27 adult ministry students, so including us a team of 29 total.  We are partnering with an amazing couple that has called El Salvador home for over fifteen years running their own ministry Amazing Love Missions, Wally and Judy Cook.  Included in our student mix are people who are from El Salvador and other Central American countries returning to their region to make an impact!

Here’s the trip description:

“El Salvador is a vibrant country full of hungry, passionate people. On the trip, we have the privilege of partnering with long term missionaries Wally and Judy Cook, who have made El Salvador their home. Wally and Judy already walk in the supernatural and their heart in hosting a BSSM team is to give students opportunities to be activated in their giftings. Wally says, ‘Bethel students are carrying so many giftings and anointings. In El Salvador, we have people hungry for what they carry. It’s my pleasure to connect the two and see students come alive as they get to see the extent of the power they have inside of them’. During the trip we get to minister to lots of churches, lead healing meetings, run a conference, teach at a ministry school, serve an orphanage and pour into gang ministries and self-started rehab centers. The leaders are incredibly activating and everyone on the trip will have the opportunity to preach, prophesy, lead and minister. The people of El Salvador are so hungry and so honoring that ministry is easy! Previous trips have seen students pray for over 100 people each and see over 80% healings! Come ready to have your heart moved for the beautiful people of El Salvador and to partner with God and see Him heal people and meet with people in miraculous ways!”

The above trip is happening the last week of March/first week of April.

Trip Cost:  As the trip leader, Joel’s trip cost is covered.  Heather needs to raise $1,900 .  These funds will go through us to Bethel as we are not students with individual fundraising profiles.  If you need to be able to write this off as a nonprofit donation at the end of the year contact us first and we can set this up for you!

Send Joel and Heather to El Salvador:  CLICK HERE   (You have to add the note: “For Heather Quinones’ Co-Leader Trip Expenses” – as the tax write off for leader’s fundraising is through the general team account)

The second trip we’re announcing is to Romania with Bethel in July!






Bethel is partnering with a local ministry in Romania called The Mission, that specializes in taking care of 80 children, offering family services and education in Sighisoara!

Here is this trips description:

“Our Romania Trip will be serving ‘The Mission’ ministry organization in Sighisoara, Romania. This is a recently established ministry in Romania, with tons of heart, vision and with great potential for impacting children, families and the region where they reside. They are based out of a newly purchased ginormous factory building, boasting of five stories and with over 80,000 square feet. This facility is under continual renovation and currently houses the church, offices, family care, and will be the site of future schools and endeavors. They minister to the impoverished Gypsy villages on the outskirts of Sighisoara, through consistent outreach, building relationships and busing in kids for daily care and school. This trip will be a combination of work and ministry, partnering with them in building to house the future and serving them in their ministry to children and families.”

Our team for this trip is filled with amazing adults in different seasons of life that have often been serving here in Redding.  This will be the first local Bethel church mission trip to Europe!

Trip Cost:  Both Joel and I need to raise $2,600 each putting our Romania Quiñones trip total at $5,200.  These funds will be donated directly to Bethel Church’s Missions Account. We have links for each of us separately and are hoping to raise the money for both of these trips by the new year!

Send Joel to Romania with Bethel Church: CLICK HERE

Send Heather to Romania with Bethel Church: CLICK HERE

We look forward to serving and leading in both of these upcoming opportunities. Feel free to check out the ministries we will be partnering with for more information.  If you believe in us, who we are, what we carry and how we love, feel free to partner with these ministry opportunities by coming with us through your prayers and contributions.

Blessings in Jesus and His Victory,

Joel and Heather Quinones

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