Happy Giving

Thank you to all of our partners who have supported us these first three and a half years as God has sent us around the globe!


From leading women’s bible study’s, to teaching children about God, to ministering to congregations, to praying for and embracing refugees, to healing the sick, to feeding the hungry, to living with orphans, to speaking to college students, to sharing our story with youth groups, Joel and I have had many opportunities to live the love of Christ and we couldn’t have done it without you.  You got to be a part of his love and his word going out in three different continents in our three and half years.  Thank you for your support, your prayers, and your belief in us!

Joel:   We have been compelled not by a message or a movement but by Love Himself. Our hearts have been raptured and captivated by a love that has left us in awe. Our response is an effortless yes that has been drawn not by an attempt to please the Father or to somehow “pay back” what He has done but comes as a natural overflow of celebration. We know that our lives are not our own not in a self-sacrificing way but in knowing the fruit that comes in being a passive dependent instrument led by the unforced rhythms of grace. It is our hearts desire to see the nations come under the revelation of His love. Not in a love that will win but in a love that HAS won. A love that always gives. What fuels us and thrills us is seeing people live out their God given dreams. We thank you for believing in us and for encouraging our freedom to live this gracelife out.

Heather:   As Joel and I continue to skip blissfully in the nations trusting him the whole way, thank you for considering partnering alongside of us!  We have a passion to love and a passion to follow his leading.  From the orphans of East and West Africa here to Jordan as refugees, to those in the church who don’t know his love, or to the unbeliever who has yet to hear and believe the Good News of Jesus our savior, Joel and I get the great honor and privilege to love the one God has put in front of us.  The adventure of life draws us into intimacy with our beloved!  With nothing to offer, we get to participate in Christ’s death, resurrection, inclusion, acceptance, righteousness, and CELEBRATION.  Thanks for your support and we’ll continue to update and share our journey as we’re led, with love, happy participation!

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**Also receiving now donations for Puerto Rico Food Packages.  $40 per family or any amount of your choice. **

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