Our Love Story

Joel and I have a love story I didn’t know I would have be privileged enough to live.  Filled with miracles and circumstances to wonderful to coordinate, Joel and my love lives now lives because of the stories you can read about in these pages of our book.

This is also a topic Joel and I love speaking publically about in schools, churches, and youth groups.


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“I just finished reading the amazing story of Joel and Heather, as written by her with a few shared thoughts from him. ‘A Love Worth Waiting For’ is a book definitely worth reading. Thank you for sharing this story with the world. It’s truly beautiful.”

“I finished your book last night. It was so good, enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for sharing your story!”

I just received your book today and read it. I so loved this story but I am blessed to know the couple in the story. You are an amazing writer but I already knew that. Such a supernatural story that will bless all who read it!”

“Reading your book, can’t put it down!”

“Your book arrived! You are such a generous and talented woman. I read it non-stop on my train journey- such a glorious story and so beautifully written. I have sent it on to a friend and will buy some more! Thanks for such an encouragement.”

“Remember, God’s got this!! We need only wait, listen, trust, and believe that everything is lining up according to HIS plan and purpose. He truly wants ONLY the best for His children but often, we take paths NOT according to His will and we find ourselves lost – off course – and sharing time with the wrong person and ultimately, brokenhearted. Take a journey with Heather into she and her husband’s love story and allow the peace and hope you’ve been seeking infiltrate your heart…then wait. Stop the struggle. Let God lead.”

“You have just the right balance of detail–not too much or too little–to keep your reader riveted! I love hearing the love story again, with some more details than before. I love reading about your wedding day. I love reading about the wonder that is Joel, and smiling because you don’t even overstate his greatness in your language of infatuation–He really is that great. 

I love that the things you say about being already married and seen and known before you meet your husband are the same things I find myself preaching a LOT lately to all of these single girls in our life (and even the married ones who believe the highest call of every woman is to be married!) And I’m so pleased that the Lord is really bringing this point home for me.”