Public Speaking

Do you want to hear speakers who carry God’s presence, live the stories, AND are funny and inspiring?  


Joel and I live from a place of authentic passion and we love sharing our lives with people.  From schools, to Sunday schools, to youth groups, to home groups, to Sunday mornings, Joel and I are comfortable sharing what God has done in our lives and how he is really good!

We have seen miracles of provision, divine leading, healing, liberty, and courage in God’s good news.

Freedom, Romance, The Good News, Missions, the Middle East, Cultural Awareness and Divine Leading of the Holy Spirit are just some of the topics we love to live out on a daily basis and find ourselves speaking about.

If you are inspired by our lives or want to know more about what Jesus really did for us on the cross and want to share that inspiration with others in your life, school, or church, just ask email us at