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There are key things that are a part of who God is and are a part of the lives of those who love him.  Often Christianity gets a bad rap because the words being spoken by those who associate with the culture of Christianity are publicly or privately saying things are not a part at all of who God is or what his culture is like.  I am the first to say I have been guilty of this in the past and unfortunately my growth process of seeing things God’s way is still in progress.

There is a journey people take when getting to know God personally for themselves and part of that is Him showing us behaviors that aren’t good for us and sometimes, although unintended, we project that onto other people when God never really invited us to do that part.  To all the people who have had this done to them by so called Christians, I am sorry.  It is no one else’s authority to change you.  No one’s.  It is something that divinely happens as we discover just how wonderful we’ve been made and how lovely he really sees us.

That being said, I wanted to take this time in my life to write a few of the traits of heaven I have so enjoyed experiencing on earth and look forward to experiencing for forever.  They are experiences and whispers of his life in us, around us, and everywhere.  Our senses are bombarded so much with media directing our gaze to things we can see and touch, things we can buy, when in reality so much of what is really important in unseen and is not for sale.

I hope to touch on a cluster of these concepts that paints a vision of heaven as it manifests around us and wonderfully, as much as I allow myself to participate with it here.  I suspect my views will change slightly over the years but I am content in composing this in process, as one of the things I have learned is that our process is beautiful.

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