Meet father and son.  A father of faith, he raised his son into his gift for music and the keys.  During the last year of chemo treatment, the son and father rode together to St. Louis three times a week and the playing of the keys of the son’s heart slowed.  In May, the father passed and the sounds of the son’s heart all but came to a stand still.  May 27th this photo was posted to the sons facebook of him and his dad.



facebook posts from the months that followed:

July 10th     on mornings when i have to work, its so hard when i walk past dad’s office. i used to share funny stories w/him constantly

September 15th         i took on a project that usually my dad would ALWAYS help me with. he’d do 80% of the work cause i didn’t know how. so after 3hrs of failing miserably, i once again cussed out the god that dad believed in, & every other god i’ve read about.

A friend of the son got the idea of hiring someone to do a painting of the above picture.  He brought up the idea to the worship team the son plays in.  They say yes, let’s go forward with this surprise.  He then called me.  I said no.  I was busy.  God said, “What if I want you to paint the painting?”  Every other point now being moot, I began to paint.

In the meantime the posts continue…

December 5th      without dad, the holidays have been unexplainably hard for me mom & my sisters..

The painting was delivered to the friend Thursday the twelfth of December in order to be presented to the son on the evening of the 15th at a ball their church was having that Sunday night that the son was playing at surrounded by the friends in the worship team who love him and care about his heart.  His wife videoed the surprise gift giving and posted it to her facebook the next day:

December 16th        FRIENDS bring smiles to our faces, lift us up when we’re down, and REAL FRIENDS; ARE RARE. Thank you for showing that Friendship, Love, & Kindness are Action Words. I’m thankful for my 4RC Family for showing my Husband. Words cannot express the acts of love you’ve shown us both these past couple of years.  He couldn’t sleep last night because he was up looking at the painting. We Love You All & Thank You

That same afternoon this was the son’s post on his page:

LSA #longstatusalert: there are many different gods & religions people believe in; & often a quick way to get alienated/ unfriended is to share views in one’s particular god of choice. me & a belief system; wow, too long of a story for a fb status. but what i can’t deny is what i watched my dad live; maybe not a perfect life, but the closest i’ve seen. very upright, giving, noble, selfless. if you’re familiar with stories of Job from the quran or the hebrew bible, my dad was like Job in how he refused to EVER doubt that god was in his corner. while i felt all was unfair & [god] was foul or leaving him hanging; dad stuck to the sayings he ALWAYS said to me; trust in the lord with all thine heart, don’t rely on YOUR own understanding. all things work together for the good… & various other verses of encouragement & assurance. even 2days before he passed, we were alone & i asked him; dad.. are U scared? because i am, dad.. i’m afraid. he paused for a second & i thought he didn’t hear me.. then he said.. son, U remember the story of the 3guys that were to be burned alive if they didn’t worship the king’s god?? what did they say? they said- even if our god doesn’t deliver us; we still know that he’s able. so.. i just said yessir, indeed i do remember. my dad, who always said let the life U live speak for U. & thats all i’m endeavoring to do. i’m thankful for him & people i’ve met that remind me of what he stood for; & to all of the wonderful considerate people i’ve met at my church, thank U for honoring me last night.. i don’t think thats ever happened to me before lol. anyways, spread luv yall!

followed by a personal post on the friend-who-hired-this-painting’s page:         you = my hero











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