I was asked by the founder of Socially Present to paint him a pieces he would be able to use at conventions as a display.  We were basically discussing logo and company colors and I had freedom to apply my artist twist, his company is located in a city known for arts and entertainment.  He was looking for something that would remind him in ten years of why he got into this business.

I pictured in my head the face of one of his daughters in a black and white scene.  I searched through his facebook photos looking for what I pictured in my head.  I didn’t find it.  So then I went through his wife’s photos.  Then I found a black and white photo that I had seen in my head.  And I began to paint.  I presented the portrait to him two weeks later without any logo on it.  If he wanted me to paint it across his daughters face after he’d scene it, I had plenty of time to add it.

I presented the photo to him and told him that I saw his heart for his family as he stepped into the risk and opportunity to start this new business.  I shared with him that the stories he shares about how lives are impacted affect lives that are each just as important to the Lord as his daughter is to him.  His business’ tag line is “What’s your story” and I reminded him of his own story.  He also informed me that this middle daughter sometimes doesn’t get the automatic attention the eldest boy and younger baby get thought it was great that this painting highlighted her recognition within the family.




love has won

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