This was another live art piece accompanying a worship set at a church event.  It was in my possession and for sale when a couple from Lowertown purchased Mystery.  They saw this painting for sale and proceeded to tell me their story.  The wife of this relationship had been previously married and had had a son.  When he was sixteen years old he was killed by a drunk driver.  The end of her marriage soon followed and she entered into a grieving depression.  The Lord continued to encourage her in this season through the presence or pictures of sunflowers.  It was a strength to her.

Upon meeting her current husband, for their first date, without prior knowledge, he took her to a sunflower farm with fields upon fields of sunflowers overwhelming her view.  The day I heard this story they purchased the other painting for their home, but I desired for the wife to have this painting one day.  Over a year later I re-entered it in a gallery in downtown Paducah.  The day I was working this gallery I had been meaning to call the husband but hadn’t gotten around to it.  That afternoon, he walked by the window front and hung up the phone call I was on and went out to greet him.

He said he was cheating.  He had had back surgery and had snuck out that afternoon to go for a slow walk after being bedridden for days.  I told him the painting was for sale for half of its original price.  Valentines day was the next day.  He said he had written his wife a poem but was still planning to buy a gift to accompany it.  This would be perfect.  It’s my understanding that this painting now adorns her wall.




love has won

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