My Innocence

24×36 in     My Innocence

This was a gift to me that the Lord returned to my sight and understanding while hiking the Appalachian Trail.  My Innocence is the presence of a confidence before him and others that comes only from what Jesus has done and completed on our behalf through the cross.  It is simply a gift.  It cannot be taken from us or destroyed.  It is something that holds the internal peace in my life.  In the restoration of my innocence there is rest.



The model for this painting is a young girl named faith.  My innocence is only realized by faith.  It gives permission to my presence in the spiritual realm.  All people have only ever obtained innocence as a gift.  All people have been washed clean by Christ’s blood and I am as innocent as the rest.  I am an equal citizen of heaven.





*July 22, 2017
I have to give an update on where this painting ended up.  When I first published a post about it online, the next day a woman in mother’s workplace came up to her and said she had a dream about my mother bringing the painting to work and selling it.  So my mom brought my painting to work to sell it.  No one bought it.  She brought it home.

Three weeks later, as Minnesotan’s may have read in the news, a family had a girl just about to turn four pass away from a rare experience with E Coli and her older brother is still fight for his life.  The woman who had the dream came back to my mother and will be purchasing it as a gift to this family who is grieving the loss of their daughter Kallen.

The news article concerning the episode and the family can be found in this Star Tribune article.