Happy Jesus


This is my most recent finished project as of August of 2015.  This is painting inside of a Greek Orthodox Church compound where Iraqi refugees live, go to school, and receive help.  This painting is located alongside a children’s playground area.  I painted mostly in the evening and at night due to the hot July desert weather.  I pictured this in my head when I first moved to Jordan a year ago but didn’t get the opportunity to paint it until now.  I felt confirmed in the pictured I got in my mind when I met a man who said God visited him in the night and he had never met him before and his life changed!   He felt a peace that he had never felt in his life and I thought even getting to hear this story was awesome!  God is visiting people at night!  God continues to be vulnerable and give people love, serve them and care for them, even if they may refuse his affections.  He is the most courageous person in love I have ever met.  And I admire his might and meekness.  God bless!