U.S.S. Cairo

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Located on 34th Street in Cairo, Illinois   40  x 11 ft


This was my first mural.  I was invited to paint it by a teacher in the community.  She had the desire and the vision and invited me to execute it.  She provided the paints and the approximate location.  Students from her class primed the surface.  It sits across from a VFW parking lot on the main drag through town.  A dilapidated property across the street has since been cleared by the veteran than runs the VFW and he intends to bring civil war artifacts and create an outdoor museum there, revitalizing the intersection.  It was the first visual artist painting project in the town for decades, releasing a dream of creativity where graffiti even requires more expression than people possess within them.  Someone said they intentionally drive out of their way leaving work so they get to drive past it everyday.  It’s the release of creativity that facilitates encounter and changes an atmosphere.