Hope is something set on the horizon.  It’s where the light comes from in ones life.  Hope actually facilitates happiness, just as the opposite–fear–suffocates the joy out of our lives.  Hope gives tomorrow and today purpose, therefore adding joy and a pleasingness to life.

In heaven here on earth, hope is a commodity, a tangible thing.  You carry hope, you give hope, you share hope.

Others are hopeless.  This is not the truth nor is it necessary in any ones life.  But fears generated from past experiences have quenched hope.

God is the god of impossible and he specializes in making a way for his children when we literally can see no way.  Even when it seems like all is lost, there is always hope.

Your failures, your mistakes, your weaknesses are nothing against the relentless waves of the reality of hope that is real.

Hope is the “You Can.” “You Will.” and the “You are Able.” of every area of your life.

Awakening hope is something that heaven loves to do on earth through everyone tapped into the life of God.

I know I have a lot of friends that major in Hope.  In living and broadcasting this light shed abroad in dark places.  People from all over the world read this website, what do you have to share with my other readers about hope?


I just want to take a minute to celebrate reaching 20,000 views yesterday!  We couldn’t have done it without you!  What excites me even more is that this site has been viewed by 119 different countries!  Yay, for going all over the world from one location.

Often when I write, I have including you in distant lands in mind wanting to communicate ideas that Life has taught me simply and clearly beyond my worldview, vernacular, or differing religious structures.

I love other cultures, foods, ways of living this thing called life!  Everyone is most welcome and celebrated!  Thank you for visiting!  Until next time…

happyreign  🙂

My Book is Coming Out!


Hello Everybody! I realize some of you are my Facebook friends and have already heard the news but some of you aren’t so I’m happy to share that I just finished my first book that I will be publishing! I am using an amazing publishing on demand website called Createspace and it allows me to sell a paperback version of my book through Amazon!

Here’s another little preview I posted earlier that I will share with you below.

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 4.24.57 PM.png

I am excited for new things and I just wanted to invite you to be a part of my writing journey in a new way!  For all you internationals, living in Jordan I know how shipping can be a bit of a problem sometimes but we’ll see what we can do.  If amazon won’t ship to you I can when I return to the states in January of the new year.

To all our subscribers, thank for for following our journey and hopefully we will update you with more exciting writing news soon!  Blessings!