Off to the nations…again? YES.


Hello friends.  So I’m married now.  And the journey continues.


God is so big.  He’s so real.  He’s so present.  And he cares so much.  About your heart.  How its doing.  How you’re feeling.  He is with you because he delights in you.  He enjoys you and wants to be found in your company.


God continues to invite me to do things I don’t understand.  I continue to say yes.  The first week I arrived on the island two and half months back, or what feels like now was the first week, I heard word of a number of artists gathering and creating together for a few days in a city called Tangier in the northern country of Morocco.  The idea was shelved and life happened.  My fiance came, we got married, and as of last week still nothing was final concerning this trip.  The event begins eight days from now.  Yesterday, I booked tickets.


I never done this before, gotten together regionally with other people as crazy as me to come together for a few days specifically to create.  There is a house of prayer in Tangier hosting this inspiration fest and I hear we’ll get to travel within Morocco to help another creative space launch or open or something of that sort.


The people in charge have long been friends of the wonderful Passmore family currently hosting me on the island.  I look forward to meeting this extended family.


On an after thought side-note for those of you wondering, I am taking this trip solo.  My husband encourages me to respond to my desires, my heart, and my excitement.  He is part of a dream I still haven’t woken up from yet.  I also know he will be an asset to the Passmores as the much anticipated ‘first team’ arrives of six people also calling Miramar (the name of the house here) home for the five week duration of their trip.


I continue to live out of my suitcase as I will be moving rooms again before this team comes and possibly several times over the course of the next two months as the nations flood this house over the summer with the ever increasing guest list.


Already we have people in life transition, families healing, missionaries on furlow, crazy single people moving their whole lives here, people passing through on their way to all other parts of the world and more; each story unique, each person priceless.  Sometimes a wandering thought comes in my mind of what’s my role, why am I here? and then I remember that there is no way I could have gotten here where I am now other than God’s divine hand and I guess he’s smart enough to know what he’s doing and I trust him.  I the meantime I’m ‘called’ to be me and I get to love Him back.  🙂


I have more thoughts I would love to write and share, words of hope and encouragement, learning curves, and things important to my thoughts right now but I have found less time for writing as things currently stand.  I will share more hopefully soon, in the meantime, much love always and stay true to you, stay comfortably crazy, and please please please be courageous because that’s who you really are.  🙂  …never a victim…never voiceless…never powerless…never less valuable…never without a choice.  You choose.  Please choose fun.  For me.  And for you.  And all those other people.  I might be hearing Joel’s humorous voice through my head as I write this.  He keeps me laughing.  Okay I’m really going to bed, goodnight y’all.  love you friends (even family, friends by choice)  🙂