The definition of this word is still being discovered and unveiled.

It’s like God is trying to make visual his image as it was intended to be by uncovering that which was covered by mankind. God created man and women in the fullness of his reflection; a living, breathing, growing, changing, expressing, self-discovering union between spirits; halves revealing wholeness. What I’m writing about here doesn’t pertain exclusively to marriage either.

Is any individual incomplete in Christ alone?!? No! Our lives were eaxh created for his glory and his pleasure; we are all a part of this family he purposed in the earth. But when there is two designed to exist as one and one of the two is lacking, then the picture of the whole lacks as well.

I don’t understand it all, but a super important part of experiencing heaven on earth is the words we say. The words we speak reflect the reality we percieve and believe, whether its true or false, fearful or courageous, pleasant or sucky.

In the case of revealing God’s image through two becoming one, a voice is yet still needing to be found. Now this part is almost frightening to me. The idea of loud women-according to my experience- can be very unheavenly like. Pushy, bossy, demanding, manipulative, gossiping, deceptive, jealous women makes this very dangerous–what heaven is doing. Still, in light of all of the above, heaven is still declaring, “TURN UP YOUR VOLUME WOMEN OF GOD! BELIEVE IN THE VOICE I’VE CREATED INSIDE YOU AND LET IT BE HEARD!”

Let me clarify what I’m meaning by saying loudness and turning up the volume, it has nothing to do with sound levels or strength of speech. In any given mixed-gender room, or even a single gender female environment, there is often the dimished value of voices that are valuable. This is done not by others but by the one to whom the voice belongs.

God has a priority right now of females believing the Christ inside of them. So often there is an internal discrediting, personal discouragment, self-doubt, partnered with a lack of recognition and external support but heaven cares. To heaven, your voice matters daughters of god.

I could mean this in a church leadership setting. I could mean this on executive teams in business. I could mean this in positions of government and although this is true and neccessary in all these places, more often than not this reality hits closer to home.

It appears in compromised issues of the heart, neglected and ignored promptings of his spirit are due to unbelief, doubt, and disqualification–internal resistance to the fullness of life. But this life is also silenced due to the percieved inconvience it places on those most intimately involved in a woman’s life.

Sometimes this ‘sacrifice’ of silence is viewed as love, sometimes it is, but sometimes its a place of hiding or an excuse. Please don’t hear me incorrectly. I’m not celebrating demanding, self-focused personalities. What I am celebrating is the river of life in full that flows through every living, breathing daughter of god, created to express the glory of heaven.

Your heart was created and design by an awesome God and you carry his DNA. You’re born from above and the justice, compassion, vision, innovation, and leadership you walk in simply is meant to be enjoyed in its expression.

So often we can discredit what the Holy Spirit is saying out of fear of disagreement, disapproval, inconvience, lack of shared vision, or finding ourselves alone in what we’re saying but these are not the conditions that validate or invalidate what the Holy Spirit is saying to you or through you. Peoples responses to your authentic expression don’t forge your identity.

You, women, have been given an authority from above with the seal of god’s approval for the messages he’s written on your hearts. Please don’t wait any longer to be recognized or called out in order to no longer deny the things that excite your heart and make you feel alive.

God created you with passion that’s meant to be his radiance. You glorify god by having the courage to just be yourself and believe in yourself, knowing that God delights in you as you. I think women walking their true form helps allow men to do the same. In this divine exchange he somehow delights in revealing to us his face in our midst.

Upon his throne with him is your resting place of grace and ease. Your point is valid, your feelings matter, there is room for you to speak your mind and its okay to be wrong. It’s called l-e-a-r-n-i-n-g.

God is not glorified by a band of cowardly women who by their fear deny the power and presence of the one living inside of them. He has shown you what he’s shown you for a reason. He has spoken what he’s spoken to you for a reason.

It’s not about going out to work hard at anything, God’s really good at his job-or rather just being himself-but you are meant to experience the freedom of your own validity and to experience the joy that comes with the confidence of being at rest within yourself as he designed you to be. Little tastes better than ones own authenticity.

Bow to fears that lead you to silence and immobalization no longer. You will not be met with punishment, anger, and rejection–well you may–but along with it there will be no regrets, no shame, and no turning back.

I’ll I’m doing in writing this is repeating what seems to be a priority for him in my life. I believe in you. Have fun. Take risks. God bless. Greetings from Spain.

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