Our Next Step




Well Hello again friends.  Joel and I have a bit of a new season ahead of us and we’re inviting you along for the adventure.   It seems that Joel and I’s time in Malta has divinely drawn to a close as Joel’s visa extension is dated until September 16th by which time we have to be off the island.  Also coincidently, a Canadian couple on the island owns a very nice apartment near the Passmore’s residence that they are gifting for us to stay in while they travel internationally from this Tuesday until the day before our departure date, a window of forty days.

So catching everyone up to date, I have been on the island since February, with Joel following and our marriage taking place in April, and have since have had the privilege of being a part of the divine whirlwind of the Passmore household as they continue to walk out the adventures of their lives.  With people arriving and leaving seemingly on a weekly to daily basis, the current visitors are facilitating 24/7 prayer on the island for about two weeks while a partnering organization has teams ministering in each country surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

So what’s next?  That’s where we would love to invite your partnership with us!   Starting this Tuesday Joel and I will be moving into that nearby apartment with plenty of time for us to continue to get to know one another and listen and hear God’s heart and vision for direction for the next step.  Joel and I have had a tugging on our hearts towards involvement in North Africa or surrounding Muslim nations without specifically knowing how that may be walked out.  Thank you for your prayers, support, vision and partnership with us during this time of transition for us Quinones’.

We are trusting in God’s diving leading, closing doors and opening ones, perfect timing and each step being led of him.  We are so grateful for the time that we’ve had here and are overjoyed in how God’s gifted us with one another.  We will always remember this season as the time of our lives in a safe and beautiful place.  God bless and enjoy glorious risk!








2 thoughts on “Our Next Step

  1. Heather, Joel, I get so excited every time when I read your updates. I knew your life’s where going to be full of adventures. I love you both, and miss you both , but deep in my heart I knew this is what your life was meant to be. Thanks for the updates and you guys will always be in my prayers. Love you guy’s
    Jeff Herzog
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