Our Next Step


Hey everybody!  Joel and I have been given an open door to the Middle East.  We have been listening and waiting on God and are excited about the opportunity of unconditionally loving on the people God puts in front of us in Jordan!  There is a church on the ground whose activities include serving and ministering to Syrian refugees.  We’ve had a growing heart for the Muslim world since our arrival on Malta earlier this spring.  Jordan has a long standing reputation of peace and stability that provides a golden opportunity to communicate and participate God’s love there.

Due to Joel’s visa situation here on Malta, we will be departing for this new region mid September.  We have been so grateful for our time on Malta and the gift we’ve been given here.  We have learned and grown, and have met so many amazing people along the way.  The adventure continues and both of us are looking forward to discovering life and God together every day however He has planned.

Thank you for having come with us to Malta.  So many of you have communicated support, prayers, and encouragement.  The invitation is extended again.  Come with us to Jordan.  Come along in prayer, partnership, encouragement, and discovery.  The love we feel from our long-distant community is real and important.  Thank you for sharing your lives with us as well.  You are loved! 

Any support you feel inspired to partner with us through can be received at this link here.   God Bless! 



With Gladness,

Joel and Heather Quinones