First Epoxy Resin Art Piece

America the Beautiful, Epoxy Resin Art on 2 12 x 24 inch Canvases. For Sale $149, free shipping.


Thank you for visiting our webpage!

I just finished a new first and wanted to share it with you.  The background story of this art piece coming together can be seen in my latest two instagram links on the right for computer visitors and on the bottom below if your viewing this page on a phone.

If you aren’t on instagram, the short videos just capture my prep and completion of this project.

And so with 2018 unfolding before us, America is what we currently see.  May hope and confidence rest within you.

God Bless America

If you are interested in making this piece yours simply click on the link here or the photo above.  This piece is selling for $165 with free shipping.  Thank you for following our travels and creative journeys!

Scratch your creative itch and create your own!

What is alive inside of the universe of your imagination?!

What if you couldn’t fail?  And there was no one on earth with your inspiration?  Take a leap of faith and invest in your own creative self.

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