Order Prints and Books for Holiday Gift Season!

It’s that time of year again!  Maybe your wondering what to get the specific someone?  The option of ordering bright encouraging prints or a book inspiring trust in the romance of God is now available!

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Hello Friends!  This is the location you can order prints of some encouraging, bright prints as gifts or for yourself this holiday season!  Prices are as follows

$12 for the 8.5 by 11 sheet prints (with shipping included!) or
$18 for the 11 by 17 sheet prints (again with shipping included!).

Each prints is shipped with the story inserted in the packing.

Some dimensions may vary due to the shape of the original canvas sizes.

GRACE    God was showing me he sees me through his eyes of grace. Seeing his perspective of grace over my life brought with it confidence, courage, and freedom. Can you feel his approval and embrace for your person through this grace he freely gives? This was a piece I painted during a live worship set in front of a church in Paducah, Kentucky. A husband purchased the painting for his wife as a Valentine’s Day gift telling me that during a season of deep grief and loss in his wife’s life, the Lord showered her with love and kindness through the presence of sunflowers.

CITY OF LIGHTS    I had my own personal artistic journey of discovery during this creation not knowing what I was creating when I began. I let myself completely go into the process. After finishing the bottom first I thought, “Perhaps that’s how our planet’s skeleton looked when it was still “formless and void” in the beginning. As I continued painting, the starkly contrasting city of lights appeared. Our planet before humans was void of life, and through God’s plan and purpose, since day one, light and life have been being built upon it. Everyday God’s kingdom of peace is expanding and increasing in the spiritual realm. Upon the rock of this planet God is displaying his church, his shining bright kingdom of light.

INNOCENCE   I saw this painting while God was restoring things in me on the Appalachian Trail. “You are Holy.” I heard him whisper to me as the trees passed by. God was confronting the lies of being less, the feelings of regret, and the condemnation of failure. He was emboldening my spirit to believe his word beyond how others treated me or what I experienced and beyond what my memory was amplifying. He was giving me back confidence in his presence through what he alone has done for me. It is a gift that cannot be taken from us or destroyed. This painting by a woman who had a dream about it the night after she saw it and gifted it to a family who had just lost their three year old daughter


FLIGHT     I was requested to paint a prophetic piece for a man going through a number of trying circumstances in life. One in particular was that a piece of land he owned was in the process of being purchased by a major corporation and the process had taken three years up to the day I began this painting. I was directed to paint what came to mind and the piece you see was what I saw for this man. He had been bound tightly but not by the enemy, but the Lord. A transformation process was taking place in his life and it was for his good and was prepared him for what the Lord was releasing in the future for his life. Three weeks after presenting this word and painting, the business transaction completed and this man received the more than a million dollar deal he had been waiting on and his life turned a corner into the next chapter of his life.

CELEBRATION   Years before I was married, the Lord was talking to me about marriage that would happen in my life. I asked him when and I saw a picture of me watching fireworks at night. That fourth of July passed uneventfully. Years later I found myself living on the island of Malta during their summer fireworks season. Every night all summer long, the villages compete with their fireworks displays. I knew the time had arrived and God had prepared my heart. Less than a year later I was wed on that island. This painting is a portrait of the word of God in my life and his faithfulness.

MYSTERY    This painting was painted live in worship and essentially refers to the revealed mystery of the ages in Christ.  The truth of the gospel is no longer concealed but has been revealed through God’s son, the source of life and light for all people. It was purchased by a couple who had just finished renovating a dilapidated home in a historical district after ten years of working on it, to be displayed in the house during a neighborhood open homes tour later that same day.

Radiate From the day I arrived on the island of Malta, red Hibiscus flowers caught my eye everywhere. This painting was painted in three stages, the first was during a prayer meeting, the second was during a youth worship dance training session and the last at midnight during a 24/7 worship set focused on breakthrough all over the Mediterranean. This flower is the blossoming experience of the blood of Jesus being experienced and felt in the hearts of people radiating out from the island of Malta to Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa alike.

HOPE     This piece is the result of four years of city intercession in a small town that largely consists of housing projects and survival mentalities. Nothing in the visible changed in these four years. The day I painted this painting followed a week of breakthrough in government, personal lives, justice and education for the city. It was as if God was making a clear declaration that the veil of death that had been so comfortable over everything was being torn and revealed as a liar as new life started springing through in every direction around us. I witnessed a garden of hope through righteousness bursting forth up from the ground around me. In celebration, I expressed the memorial of this moment in this painting.

AWAKENED HEART    This was my first live painting during a city-wide worship event. Churches from the region had come together in prayer and worship. I was invited to paint during this time and I took the risk of saying yes. I purposely didn’t plan what I would paint in order to be a vessel in the moment. This is what came out of that gathering of a region in worship. God was wooing the hearts of city leaders, church leaders, business leaders, and family members. The large scale transformation begins and is sustained with the intimate touch of the Father in our own lives in a personal and real way that causes his love and affection to be irresistible to us, resulting in surrender and trust.

DESIRE     In Jewish historical culture, for a man to propose to a woman, he would list the commitments he was promising to her then as an indication of her acceptance or rejection of his proposal, he would offer her a glass of wine. If she drank, she was accepting his terms of proposal. At the time this acceptance was as strong as the vow of marriage until that day. The night before Jesus was crucified, he proposed to you and I. The conditions were his suffering, death, burial, and resurrection. He was clearly expressing his intent and desire to spend eternity in union with us enjoying one another’s glory for all time. Do you accept?


ISRAEL    l I saw a painting of Jerusalem and that night a pastor by the name of Israel came over for dinner at the house I was staying in at the time. At the dinner table the subject of travel came up and the pastor went on and on about his dream of going to the Holy Land. There and then I knew this painting was of his dreams. I finished it without letting him know I had even begun and before I continued on in my travels, I made a stop by his house and gave it to him. He and his wife were very surprised and touched.




Large 11 by 17 inch Prints Options



Regular 8 1/2 by 11 inch Print Options

If you are interested in ordering prints click on the link below and purchase through PayPal with your total and make a note of which prints and sizes you are ordering along with your address!  Thank you so much and have a happy holiday season!

To Order Books:  Our Love Story

Joel and I have a love story I have the privilege of living.  Filled with miracles and circumstances too wonderful to coordinate, this story exemplifies God’s faithfulness and trustworthiness with most important areas of our hearts.

This is also a topic Joel and I love speaking publically about in schools, churches, and youth groups.

To Purchase

To order a copy simply click the buy now button and leave your address and number of books in the note and they will be sent your way for $11 with free shipping.

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