Enlisting Prayer Support


Joel and I have a tentative date of departure to return to the middle east. We are planning on being there for an indefinite long period of time, pending review in a year. I am overwhelming grateful at the amount of support and encouragement Joel and I have received as we’ve risked to take these adventures and I have a specific request as the time of our departure approaches again. I am interested in putting together a list of people who are willing to commit to pray for Joel and I for this upcoming period of one year. I love sharing stories of what God’s doing and what we’re seeing but this wouldn’t be that list, our group of Jordan Adventures on facebook is going to be great for that platform.

This would be more like people just willing to respond in prayer for us when we have a spiritual need or particular situation that requires spiritual reinforcement on the ground there. If that excites you and is something you would look forward to partnering with us in, you are the perfect candidate. I don’t know the best way to gather this group together, either email or Facebook, but this is what I’m interested in. Like I say, you are coming with us, and it’s like I feel others standing on the ground with us there even though other people won’t be able to see you. And just being honest, I need it! Sometimes I get distracted from the big picture and lose focus. Anyway, just enlisting your help. Thank you so much for what you already have given. Feel free to private message me “I’m in!” if you’re interested, or have been doing this along our journey already. Or if that’s everybody in the Jordan group on Facebook, I guess we’re going over there an army of love, but I guess I was just interested in recruiting spiritual reinforcement before our departure!

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