Recognizing Kingdom Opportunities When our Joy Goes Flat

Partnership with God is fun but not always easy…at least our resistance to it sometimes isn’t easy.  🙂

Some people think of partnering with God to pray for somebody, or do a bible study or serve in church.  These may be ways to partner with God but I assure you EVERYONE has the opportunity to partner with God in their daily lives and it might not just be in the way you are thinking.

In life, when we are working in business, interacting in our home, going about our daily interests there are thing that may happen along the way when dealing with other people that really trip up our joy.  For instance, someone in business who trys to skirt a bill, or give you a cheaper product than you’ve paid for.  You may have a boss that doesn’t see your talent or has a lot of character flaws.  You may be served horrible food at a restaurant or have a family member living with you that doesn’t respect you, or even like you.  Maybe a roommate or friend gives you the cold sholder and judges you for WHO KNOWS WHAT.  NONE of these sound like fun, do they?  These are the exact opportunities to partner with God I am talking about.  YAY!  Sounds like so much fun right???

Sometimes people in a religious mindset will see things relating to religious things as pertaining to God and kindgom, but don’t neccessarily walk out the grace of heaven in the practicals of family and business.  THESE TWO ARE ONE AND THE SAME!  They are all people and God doesn’t say, love me and love your church members.  God said love me and love your neighbor, everybody you do all the daily stuff with!  I would even go so far as to say it matters MORE how you treat your family, housemates, and business partners more than how you treat people in the context of any religious setting or conversation.






God cares about your character more than your performance!  When you want to wring somebody’s neck is the perfect opportunity to advance the kingdom of God!  Not by wringing their neck but by recognizing how you feel and choosing something better and bigger than your own emotional reactions!   In those moments we want JUSTICE on behalf of ourselves!  And in those moments God invites us to give his JUSTICE that he gave us!  Yay, he doesn’t wring our necks for all those things we have done and said that have hurt people or cheated people in the past!

When we are angry, or offended, or bitter, or hateful, we are acting in a way that shows we think everything is about US!  You should’ve treated me this way.  My life should’ve looked this way.  That shouldn’t have been done to me.  BUT LIFE DIDN’T happen the way you wanted or were expecting it to with God or with that person.  NOW how are you going to choose to react to these offenses?  This is the place our partnering with God can shine.

Forgiveness costs us nothing but our pride.  When we hold onto our justice or our reputation or our expectations over releaseing them into God’s messy plan that is bigger than our understanding, we are missing our opportunity to grow.  We are shortchanging ourselves of the heaven that lives inside of us and could live through us, if we let it.  This might be the only defining line for me on how somebody walks out their life, are they someone who holds onto unforgiveness that rots their own heart, or does heaven live inside of them where there is room for mistakes in the midst of relationship?

Just wanted to toss these ideas out there in case someone was missing their opportunity to partner with heaven today.  😉  Blessings.


3 thoughts on “Recognizing Kingdom Opportunities When our Joy Goes Flat

    1. Hey Emeka! Thanks for visiting our site! That is such a good point, that we cannot earn God’s love and favor through good character!! He said us loving like he does is loving the wicked and ungrateful! Hmm, I think I was thinking in this reference the verse about people who perform authority in his name like deliverance and miracles but he still says to them “I don’t know you.” That seems crazy from a religious perspective! There must be something more in our lives than ministering to others in the power of the holy spirit, and I think that’s knowing his ways and our lives reflecting a life shared with his company. Thank you for feedback and your comment! Blessings!

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